Attacks on Muslim Places in the UK at a 10-Year High

Attacks on Muslim Places in the UK

Attacks on Muslims, mosques, and Islamic centers in England have reached the highest level in the last 10 years, according to recent reports. The British Muslim Council has warned of a rise in Islamophobia in the country, with actual numbers of attacks believed to be higher than official reports suggest. In London alone, crimes recorded in the year ending March 2023 showed a 42% increase compared to the same period last year, with over 3,500 cases reported.

The latest incident involved a pig’s head being thrown onto the roof of a mosque in Manchester, which has been investigated as a hate crime. The Heatons Islamic Community Foundation in Stockport also reported break-ins and damage to their center, with the most recent incident captured on security cameras.

Reports show that approximately 42% of mosques and Islamic centers in England have been targeted by anti-Muslim and Islamophobic attacks in the last three years. The Islamic centers in London and Manchester have been particularly affected, with attacks escalating during the riots in Iran.

In one example of such attacks, a group of individuals waving separatist flags in Iran attacked Muslims of various nationalities in London during a procession. They then proceeded to gather outside the Islamic Center of England, preventing attendees from participating in religious ceremonies and classes, and causing damage to the center’s windows and attendees’ vehicles. Despite the presence of police, the attackers were able to prevent Muslims from entering the center for several hours.

The Muslim community has criticized the British police for not taking the necessary measures to ensure the security of Islamic centers and Muslims. Muslims of different nationalities have come together to support the Islamic Center of England and condemn the Islamophobic and anti-Muslim actions of the attackers.