kharij Course in jurisprudence: stock exchange

Course Overview

Subject: kharij (the highest level) course in jurisprudence: stock exchange

Professor: Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Shahidi

Class time: Wednesdays 9-10 am.

Venue of the class: Qom, office of Ayatollah Shobeiri Zanjani

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Course Subject

Description of stock exchange:

The stock market, as an important economic institution, plays an important role in the aggregation of scattered and small assets and also provides the possibility of investing in large projects. In addition, transparency and speed of securities trading are features of the stock market.

The stock exchange is a market. Just as there is a market for buying and selling different commodities, there is also a market for securities trading, although there are certainly differences between the common market and the stock market.

The main task of the stock exchange is to create and organize a place for business meetings during which the members, i.e. the owners of the securities or their customers, can trade the securities at the opening of the hall, i.e. the main and public place of trading.

Given the comprehensiveness of Islam in answering new issues, in this class the performance of the stock exchange has been analyzed from a jurisprudential point of view.

Course Professor

Mohammad Taghi Shahidi

Professor Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Shahidi:

Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Shahidi is one of the prominent scholars and professors of kharij (post-doctorate/the highest level) course in jurisprudence and its principles in the seminary of Qom. He is one of the distinguished students of the late Grand Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Mirza Javad Tabrizi.

He has achieved mastery of the fundamentals [mabāni] of the great professors of the principles of jurisprudence. In particular, he discusses the fundamentals of the late Grand Ayatollah Khoei, and his prominent student, the late Martyr Sadr, and the late Grand Ayatollah Tabrizi, and as such adds to the knowledge of his students.


Some of his Works:

  • The book “Money Jurisprudence,” from the series of lectures of Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Shahidi, has been published by Qom Seminary Management Center to examine issues such as the nature of money, inflation khums tax, zakāt [alms tax] of money, etc.
  • from the perspective of Islamic texts. In addition, Ayatollah Shahidi’s discussions on jurisprudence and its principles are available in pdf and word in many volumes: