Second National Conference Explores Quran and ʿEtra from an Islamic Researcher’s Perspective

The Center of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia hosted the second national conference, titled “Qur’an and Etrat from the perspective of Islam researchers of Iran and the world,” on Tuesday, January 10. The conference aimed to explore the significance of the Quran and Etrat from the perspective of Islamic researchers.

The event featured six speeches from leading Islamic thinkers and unveiled a two-volume book of articles from the conference. It was held on the eve of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (pbuh) and took place at the hall of Amir al-Mu’minin (pbuh) at the Islamic Encyclopaedia Center in Tehran.

The second national conference was a joint effort between the Islamic Center of Fatimiyya, the Center for Islamic Encyclopaedia, Payam Noor University, Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), Nahjul Balagha Studies Association, Quranic Studies Association, and other scientific and cultural centers. The aim of the conference was to deepen the understanding of the Quran and ʿEtra from the perspective of Islamic researchers and to foster dialogue and engagement among scholars from different regions.

Overall, the conference was a successful event that brought together leading Islamic thinkers to explore the Quran and Etrat from a unique perspective. The event served as a platform for scholars to share their insights and engage in discussions that could lead to a deeper understanding of the significance of the Quran and Etrat in the context of Islamic research.