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The Meaning of Life from the Perspective of the Quran and Narrations

Ali Movahediān ‘Aṭṭār’s book explores the meaning of life through the lens of the Quran and narrations. It examines whether the Qur’anic perspective can be understood independently of belief in God, making it relevant for all. Key themes include faith, righteous deeds, and acquiring goodness. The book offers strategies for living a meaningful life based on Quranic principles, addressing both individual and collective aspects of existence.

Taḥrīfnāpadhīrī-yi Qurʾān

Taḥrīfnāpadhīrī-yi Qurʾān by Fatḥullāh Najjārzādigān is a concise Persian book analyzing the belief in the non-distortion of the Qurʾān. The author explores arguments from Shiʿa and Sunni scholars, addressing common questions and doubts. This comprehensive work provides valuable insights into the topic and is recommended for those interested in Qurʾānic studies.

Tārīkh-i Qurʾān (History of the Qurʾān)

Tārīkh-i Qurʾān by Muḥammad Hādī Maʿrifat is a comprehensive book on Qurʾānic studies. It covers the revelation, compilation, recitations, and addresses claims of distortion. With valuable insights and authoritative scholarship, this book is a valuable resource for understanding the history of the Qurʾān.

Tārikh-i Qurʼān [History of the Quran]

“Tārikh-i Qurʼān” by Dr. Mahmood Ramiyar is a comprehensive exploration of the history of the Holy Quran. It covers topics such as the names and designations of the Quran, types of revelation, collection and preservation, compilation, script development, structural divisions, classifications, occasions of revelation, and the challenge of Quran translation. The book draws from diverse sources and deserves translation into other languages.