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Difāʿ az Mahdawiyyat

Difāʿ az Mahdawiyyat by ʿAlī Aṣghar Riḍvānī is a concise Persian book that defends the belief in the Mahdī. It refutes objections from Orientalists and Muslim intellectuals, providing evidence from Islamic sources. Recommended for those supporting Mahdism.

Dīnshināsī az Dīdgāh-i Ḥaḍrat-i Mahdī

This book examines Islamic and religious teachings from the perspective of Imam Mahdi (a). The author uses hadiths and narrations narrated from Imam Mahdi (a) to address topics such as monotheism, imamate, prophethood, resurrection, jurisprudential rulings, ethics, sin, and prayer.

Farhangnāmi-yi Mahdaviyyat

Farhangnāmi-yi Mahdaviyyat is a Persian dictionary by Khudā Murād Salīmīān, providing comprehensive insights into Imam Mahdī (a) and various aspects of his life, occultation, reappearance, and uprising. It covers over 2500 ḥadīths and is organized alphabetically. The dictionary serves as a valuable academic resource for understanding Mahdism.