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Tārīkh-i Qurʾān by Muḥammad Hādī Maʿrifat is a comprehensive book on Qurʾānic studies. It covers the revelation, compilation, recitations, and addresses claims of distortion. With valuable insights and authoritative scholarship, this book is a valuable resource for understanding the history of the Qurʾān.

Author: Muḥammad Hādī Maʿrifat
Reviewed by: Morteza Karimi

This is a volume on the backgrounds and various aspects and definitions of history and Islamic history. It has been written with a view to be used as a set university textbook in general courses of Islamic history.

Author: Syyed Jafar Shahidi
Reviewed by: Muhammad-Reza Fakhr-Rohani

“Sīriy-i Pīshvāyān” by Mahdī Pīshvāʾī is a comprehensive analysis of the lives of the 12 Imāms from the Shiʿa perspective. This insightful book explores their social, political, and cultural contributions to Islamic society. With detailed content and extensive research, it is highly recommended for anyone interested in Islamic history.

Author: Mahdī Pīshvāʾī
Reviewed by: Morteza Karimi

“Tarikh-i peyambar-i Islam” is a Persian classic by Ayatollah Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Ayati, offering expert knowledge of pre-Islamic Arabia and the life of Prophet Muhammad. It covers lineage, monotheistic ḥanīfs, notable idols, migrations, and the Prophet’s emigration to Medina. The book explores battles, treaties, and diplomatic engagements. Despite some incompleteness, it’s an esteemed educational resource deserving wider recognition.

Author: Muhammad Ibrahim Ayati
Reviewed by: Dr.Muhammad-Reza Fakhr-Rohani

This book review discusses “Ghazweh-ye Uhud dar Partov-e Quran” (The Battle of Uhud in the Light of the Quran) by Allamah Ayatollah Muhammad-Reza Jafari. The book evaluates the Battle of Uhud based on Quranic accounts, challenging interpretations by certain Sunni historians. It covers the battle’s background, major events, aftermath, portrayal of hypocrites, and lessons derived from the Quranic narrative.

Author: Muhammad-Reza Jafari
Reviewed by: Dr. Muhammad-Reza Fakhr-Rohani