Kharij (post-doctorate) course in the principles of jurisprudence: the authority of conjecture [ẓan]

Course Overview

Subject: kharij (post-doctorate/the highest level) course in the principles of jurisprudence:  the authority of conjecture [ ẓan]

Professor: Ayatollah Mohsen Araki

Description of Lessons on the highest level in the seminary:

Kharij [post-doctorate] courses are the highest level of courses in Shiite seminaries, and it is at this level that some students succeed in attaining ijtihad. The teaching stage of these courses in a seminary can be considered as the highest educational level of a seminary. The teachers of these courses in seminaries are called mujtahids.

Class time: Saturday to Tuesday at 9 am in person

Venue of the class: Faizieh School, Imam Khomeini Madras [a place for teaching]

Virtual course link:

Course Professor

Ayatollah Mohsen Araki was born in 1334 A.H./1955 C.E. in Najaf Ashraf, Iraq and began his education in the seminary of Najaf. He is an Iranian scholar, cleric, university lecturer, and politician. He is a member of the Assembly of Experts in Iran, and a prominent Iranian scholar and one of the students of the Islamic thinker, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr.

Currently, Ayatollah Araki is teaching the highest level of principles of jurisprudence and the highest level of jurisprudence on the political system, the economic system and the cultural system … in the Seminary of Qom.

In 2012, he received his Ph.D. in Western Philosophy from the University of Portsmouth in London. His doctoral dissertation is entitled “Freedom and Causality in Contemporary Islamic & Western Philosophy.” He has written many works in Persian, Arabic and English. He has been the founder of numerous religious and scientific institutes in London and Qom, including the Great British Islamic Center, the Iranian Educational and Cultural Complex, the Imam Hussein Seminary in London, Islamic College for Advanced Studies in London, a chair of Shiite studies at the University of Cambridge, a chair of Shiite studies at the University of Bristol, as well as the Islamic Thought Society, the Amir al-Mu’menin Theological Seminary, ….


Some of his Persian works:

  1. Jurisprudence of the political system (six volumes so far);
  2. Principles of Modern Jurisprudence (four volumes so far);
  3. Principles of Modern Jurisprudence Volume II;
  4. An Introduction to Islamic Mysticism;
  5. Explorations on the theoretical foundations of religious government; ….

Some of his Arabic works:

  • Arabic effects:
    1. Guardianship of God and Guardianship of the Jurist;
    2. An introduction to the curriculum of Islamic knowledge;
    3. ….