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ISC and D-8 Sign MoU to Elevate Interactions to New Heights

ISC and D-8 have signed an MoU, marking a significant step in their scientific collaboration. The agreement establishes a joint committee, a prestigious award for top D-8 scientists, and webinars to promote awareness of ISC’s services. This partnership aims to drive scientific advancements and research excellence across the Islamic world and beyond.

Minister of Science of the Islamic Republic of Iran Highlights Support for International Scientific Activities in the Islamic World

During the signing of a tripartite cooperation memorandum of the network of virtual universities of the Islamic world with the Union of Universities of the Caucasus region and the International University D8, the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Ali Zolfigol, emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting international scientific, academic, and technological activities in the Islamic world. The memorandum aims to promote cooperation, interaction, and active international scientific, cultural, and technological participation in the Islamic world.