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Difāʿ az Mahdawiyyat

Difāʿ az Mahdawiyyat by ʿAlī Aṣghar Riḍvānī is a concise Persian book that defends the belief in the Mahdī. It refutes objections from Orientalists and Muslim intellectuals, providing evidence from Islamic sources. Recommended for those supporting Mahdism.

Tārīkh-i Taḥlīlī-yi Islām

This is a volume on the backgrounds and various aspects and definitions of history and Islamic history. It has been written with a view to be used as a set university textbook in general courses of Islamic history.


Jaʻfar Sobhani, Saqīfah, Qum: Entesharat Towhid, 1392 Sh/ 2013. 232 pp. Saqīfah was certainly one of the most scandalous and regrettable mishaps that took place in the early Islamic history, […]