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Dīnshināsī az Dīdgāh-i Ḥaḍrat-i Mahdī

This book examines Islamic and religious teachings from the perspective of Imam Mahdi (a). The author uses hadiths and narrations narrated from Imam Mahdi (a) to address topics such as monotheism, imamate, prophethood, resurrection, jurisprudential rulings, ethics, sin, and prayer.

Corona, Religion and Theology: An Analysis of the Corona Crisis according to Islamic Theology and Teachings

This book examines the place of religion in human life and propounds the revival of the Islamic civilization as the solution to such crises as Corona. It deals with the famous discussion about the problem of evil and talks about the role of prayer and spirituality in coping with human suffering. It promotes the Islamic lifestyle as an appropriate means of dealing with crises and reducing human suffering.