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This book examines Islamic and religious teachings from the perspective of Imam Mahdi (a). The author uses hadiths and narrations narrated from Imam Mahdi (a) to address topics such as monotheism, imamate, prophethood, resurrection, jurisprudential rulings, ethics, sin, and prayer.

Author: ʿAlī Aṣghar Riḍvānī
Reviewed by: Morteza Karimi

“Mustashriqān wa Qurʾān” by Muḥammad Ḥasan Zamānī is a significant work that critically examines the views of Orientalists on the Qurʾān. Zamānī explores various aspects, including the activities of Orientalists, theories on the Qurʾān’s source and origin, the history of its collection, content and structural criticisms, misunderstandings of its teachings, and an evaluation of the Encyclopedia of the Qurʾān. With a thorough analysis and 216 sources, the book provides valuable insights for understanding Orientalist perspectives on the Qurʾān and its teachings while addressing their shortcomings.

Author: Muḥammad Ḥasan Zamānī
Reviewed by: Dr.Morteza Karimi